Monday, June 24, 2013

Cottage Still life....

   Sunday morning brought - surprise, surpirse - rain!  I am staying with a group of photographers
and it was inspiring to see how they were completely unconcerned by the inclement weather.  I have done very little still life but this rainy morning turned my eye to the rich detail of this 85 year old cottage.

   The one thing that is wonderful about rainy days is the softly diffused light.  These glass balls and bottle would have been very difficult to photograph on a sunny day but this morning it was quite lovely.  The reflected light and even the blurry raindrops on the screen made for a nice study...I love its simplicity.

   This arrangement of old lobster buoys and a glass ball that floated the nets is very iconic here on Monhegan...they are everywhere.  This is still a fishing village even though the numbers have dwindled significantly over the years as most of the fishing in New England has.  I was pleased to see the tough little lobster boats in the harbor along side the yachts although they will, I fear, be severely out numbered in a few weeks.  It is a quality I admire on Monhegan.  It is a hard working community that continues to struggle to make a living amongst this incredible beauty.  I feel blessed to be able to spend a week with them.

   Here is a short video of the island.  You may just find your feet itching to take a road trip!

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