Thursday, February 7, 2013

In Their Own Words - Winslow Homer

"The life that I have chosen 
gives me my full hours of
enjoyment for the balance of
 my life.  The sun will not
rise, or set, without my notice."
- Winslow Homer
   I found this quotation in the exhibit of Homer's late work at the Portland Museum of Art.  I felt it was especial poignant after my post, "In Praise of a Sunset".  Whether you make photographs of them or not, the message here is to look and look deeply.  Look not only at the moments of "obvious beauty" like the sunsets and flowers but at the subtle incidences of the beautiful, in the web of a spider or the spiral of an early Spring fern.  What beauty there is for us to enjoy right outside our own windows!  We don't have to travel the world seeking out the beautiful; we are given it every day in myriad of ways if we take the time to observe it.

   I too can say the life I've chosen, my life as a contemplative photographer, will give me" full hours of enjoyment for the balance of my life."  What more can anyone ask for?

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