Friday, February 1, 2013

In Their Own Words - Joseph Campbell

"If you follow your bliss you put yourself
on a kind of track that has been there all
the while, waiting for you...I say, follow 
your bliss and don't be afraid and doors
will open where you didn't know they
were going to be."

Joseph Campbell  

   In the previous post, "Follow Your Fascinations...", I spoke about developing photographic projects based on subjects/ideas that fascinate you.  Right after I wrote that post I came across this quote by Joseph Campbell.  He calls it "bliss", I used the word "fascinations";  At first I thought they are much the same thing.   As I reflected on the quote, however, I realized that for me, my "bliss" is practicing contemplative photography.  I had to wait until I retired from teaching and the need to make a living that I was able to begin, in earnest, making a life as a contemplative photographer.  Heaven knows it is virtually impossible to make a living from it...thankfully I don't have to.  My photographic projects become focuses of my particular fascinations.

   I suggest you begin now, don't wait until you retire, to find a small corner of your life in which you can practice the art of contemplative photography...follow your bliss!  If you are reading this blog then you have found your fascination.  All you need do is take that first step on your journey.  Who knows what doors will open up for you!

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