Friday, August 15, 2014

Finding your center with contemplative photography...

   In SoulCollage® they call it "soul essence".  It represents the very center of who you are.  It is our deepest self, our true self.  It is what is left when you strip away all the other ego based things in your personality, your false self.

   Contemplative photography offers everyone a tool for exploring their own unique soul essence.  One needn't have fancy equipment (this photo was made with my cell phone camera) or vast knowledge of the photographic medium, (I am no technical expert to be sure).  All it requires is an attentive eye, a trusting heart, and mind that is willing to go beyond the surface of the perceived world.

    Neither does it require one to know all the suffices to simply ask the questions.  Each photograph is a question you are asking of yourself.  Something called out to you and you responded my releasing the shutter.  It is up to you ask 'why'. That will lead you, eventually, to your center.

    Walking labyrinths is a way to train your mind to trust the journey and simply walk.  You will get to the center.  Making your photographs is a journey as well and all you have to do is make the images.  You will get to your soul's essence, your center, in time...image by image.

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