Sunday, November 24, 2013

PhotoTao Card #50 - Evidence of SImplicity

Evidence of Simplicity
Take time to listen to yourself.  Become
familiar with the voice that speaks directly 
from your heart.

- Exercise -
In your daily journaling, ask yourself
these questions:  "Why photography and
not painting or sculpture?  What is it about
the medium itself that inspires you so?
Choose one image that you've made in the last 
year that is your "icon of experience".  The
one image - if all others were lost - that most
represents your voice as an artist.

Finally we have come to the last PhotoTao card! I think it would be helpful to bring back what I said when I posted the very first card way back on September 18, 2012.   I was inspired by the collection of Tao cards created by Priya Hemenway but...

    "Unfortunately, the original "Tao Box", compiled by Priya Hemenway, is no longer in print. You can get a used one on and I recommend you get one if you can.  The illustrations on the front of the cards are beautiful and the translations on the back are illuminating.  My cards are really just little prompts for me to try if I'm in a bit of slump with my photography. I mentioned a few of these ideas in my series "Characteristics of the Photographic Sage" but this will give you an easy format to duplicate. You can create your own cards from the ideas I provide, using your own photographs to illustrate the front of the card, or invent your own! Copy and print the text on card stock and cut out.  After you have a few keep them in your camera bag.  Pull one out from time to time and try the exercise.  I used this idea of "prompts" when I taught art. The kids loved the randomness of just drawing a card and following it's instruction...I do too!  It's a great way to jump start the process of creating interesting and inspiring photographs or to just think a bit differently about your process. I am always amazed at how beautifully the wisdom of the Tao applies to the art of photography."

   These cards are free for you to copy and pass on as you wish.  They might offer interesting challenges and focus for discussion at your camera club.  I've had the great pleasure of talking to various groups over the last year and a half about contemplative photography and I am available, in the New England area, to be a guest speaker should you want this.  I will try, in time, to offer the whole set of PhotoTao cards as a easily printed PDF.

   I hope you have enjoyed reading the weekly cards and that you have tried a few of the prompts.  The important thing is to stay open to many different ways of photographing your world and, most of all, to enjoy the process.



kimmanleyort said...

I have tried some and will probably go back to the beginning. A PDF would. E wonderful"

I love the idea of picking an icon of experience from the past year and will probably do so on my blog.

I'm always so inspired by your posts, Patricia, whether I comment or not.

Patricia Turner said...

Thank you Kim! Your blog inspires me in so many ways as well. Thank you for the time and effort you put into your lovely posts!