Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Poetry of Place: 28 November 2014

   What a difference a day makes!  I went back to the pond and it was a completely different world. A solitary black crow circled in the distance and its cry rang off the hillside.  It wasn't until I got the image home and opened in on the computer that I saw that the crow is there, near the top left side.

  The grey sky tinted everything with its sombre monochrome tone so I decided to embrace it, converting the already essentially black and white image into a true monochrome study of the pond.  This is the second black and white image I've made and I doubt it will be my last.  This time of year lends itself to the monochrome.

   The ridge line of the surround hills is suggested in the reflections and I especially like the way it linked up with the dove grey ice that snaked it's way to the foreground of the image creating a pale grey expanse of water between it and the tree reflections.

   Yesterday and today's posts really brought home the idea that the pond is landscape of many moods.  Yesterday's pond had an energy and dynamic to it while today it was quietly serene.

   Slowly the pond is closing up.  Soon the reflections will be gone.  The nights are getting much colder so it won't be long and then the pond will show me an entirely different side of her character.


Anonymous said...

Again, beautiful and peaceful...
These black-and-white images are beautiful and reminding me of my love for b&w photography - film especially, I miss it!
Your pond images have captured my soul. Looking forward to the winter...

Patricia Turner said...

I too am of the "old school" and white film photography. I sometimes wax nostalgic about it but I love the ease of digital now. Thank you for your comments.