Friday, December 26, 2014

Gathering Breadcrumbs at the Museum...

   When I first entered the Harvard Art Museums lobby, I was transfixed by the stairwell and spent quite a bit of time photographing the shadows.  I find that when something enters my consciousness as strongly as this did, it stays with me for a long time.

   This was certainly the case at the museum.  As we walked through the galleries breathing in the beautiful art, my eye would wander to the shadows created by the sculptures.  The reflections and simplicity of this Chinese vase was one of the breadcrumbs I picked up.

   As I gathered them, I reflected on the illusion of shadows that describe but do no define what they are a shadow of.  It is all illusion and changes as the light does.  But I love the soft light and varying tones of the multiple shadows and thought I would share a couple of them with you.

    Shadow patterns are a wonderful contemplative possibility.  In the museum, with all its directional lighting, they were quite intricate in some cases.

   Luckily, the museum encouraged non-flash photography so I was not at a loss for inspiration.  For more shadow inspiration, visit the following link:

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