Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My "Unresolutions" for 2015...

  This New Years Eve, rather than resolving to do something, I will try to not do many things. This is my "unresolution" list for 2015.

   I love these suggestions, along with the quotations, especially the one from Lao Tzu.  This list was passed on to me by a friend and I've printed it out and hung it up so I can remind myself throughout the year of what I want to give up.

   Although these are not specifically photography related, one can always find a way to adapt them.

  I've even used the Lao Tzu quote in a post on this blog because control is an issue that, as photographers, we deal with every time we walk out into the landscape with our camera.

   So much of our time can be consumed with the "right way' to make our if there is only one right way.  We often limit ourselves by using phrases like, "The light isn't right" or "There isn't anything of value to photograph here."

   We sometimes whine a bit about not having the right lens or the right app or the perfect is so much easier to make excuses than it is to make the photograph no matter where you find yourself or what you have with isn't always about the equipment.

   We, and I know I am very guilty of this, sometimes seek another person's approval of our work, as if what they say is more important than what we feel we must do.  If the work comes from your heart, that is all that matters.

   We all have attachments to certain styles and methods in our work and the fear of trying something new, and "failing", is always there but it reminds me of the Freeman Patterson quote: "The only rule in photography is never develop film in chicken soup."   Maybe this is the year to try new things...not only in subject matter but in processing the image.

   Perhaps the most important "unresolution" is number up expectations.  It is the one I work most diligently on.  If I have no expectations when I engage the landscape, I will be open to any and all possibilities...I won't label things and by doing so, limited them.

   Yes, these unresolutions are totally appropriate for this contemplative photographer.  What about you?  What do you want to "give up" this year as far as your approach to photography is concerned?  What new freedoms will that offer you?


kimmanleyort said...

Patricia, I love the idea of letting something go for the new year - a very Taoist thing to do. For me, it's control, it's an ongoing having to let go of that. Here's to a wonderful New Year with surprises in store.

Patricia Turner said...

Thank you Kim! The older I get the more Taoist I am becoming in many ways. Letting go is such a liberating thing! Happy New Year to you as well and may you receive all the images you need.

gina said...

Inspiring post, it really resonated with me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Patricia Turner said...

Thank you Gina! I'm glad you have been inspired! I found the list equally thought provoking.