Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Contemplative Calendar...

   This summer I read a novel set during the French Revolution of the late 18th century and discovered the French Republican calendar.  In an attempt to remove all references to religion and monarchy, they created at calendar with months named after seasonal activities or weather.  It only lasted 12 years before they returned to the old way of counting days but this gave me the idea of a contemplative calendar based on one's own personal appreciation of the seasons.

   I would rename June to the Month of Soft Wings, for instance.  That would acknowledge the dragonflies, moths, butterflies and other welcomed winged insects that make an appearance during June. (I'll try to ignore the mosquitoes and the black flies!)

   Celebrating each month in a personal way seems an intriguing thought to me.  In many ways, that is what I am doing, day by day, with my photo journal, Memories4Me.  Naming the month would be like trying to find one thing that stands out most for me...my icon of the month so to speak!  Yes, Soft Wings is perfect for June!  What would you re-name each month?  What would be your "icon" for each?

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