Thursday, October 23, 2014

Contemplative Possibilities - Hands

   I love photographing hands at work.  This photograph is one of my favorites; it is from the First Person Rural series I complete a few years back.  I even have a board on Pinterest devoted entirely to photographic renderings of can see it here.  
   One of my favorite memories of childhood is sitting watching my Grandmother knit.  The soft click, click, click was hypnotizing.  I was always mesmerized by the way the knitted piece grew under her needles, as if by magic I thought.

   I am enthralled by people who can create beautiful objects.  Finely crafted items of cloth or wood or clay.  We live in such a mass produced, machine made culture that the work of the hand becomes even more precious.

  The link below leads you an incredible video which shows ceramic masters at work shaping clay vessels.  It is an awe inspiring glimpse at the work of masterful practitioners of the art of pottery.  It may inspire you to begin your own series on hands or maybe just give you a new appreciation of those who use their hands to create everyday...including yourself!


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