Thursday, October 30, 2014

Inspired by DIane Arbus...

Diane Arbus - 1949 by Allen Arbus
Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing cookies.

- Diane Arbus

    Diane Arbus had a unique point of view.  Whether you like her graphic and sometimes disturbing images or not, you might find yourself agreeing with this statement of hers. 

    Although I don't particularly care for the "taking" and the "stealing" parts, I do love the overall gist of it.  I am constantly delighted to be able to savor the tiny moments I experience through the photographs I make of them.  There is a wondrous and child-like element to it.

   Sometimes I find myself nearly giddy with delight when I happen upon a particular element in the landscape or anywhere I find myself.   I sometimes think to myself, "Doesn't everyone see this?  Don't you think it's wonderful?"  They answers are no, they usually don't and no, not particularly.  But I never let that dissuade me from seeking them out.

   When you walk through the world expecting to be surprised and delighted you invariably are.  If your eyes have been dulled with cynicism, you rarely will experience either.  The skeptics among us are often too jaded to appreciate the small but singularly delightful things we go on and on about.  That should not keep you from reveling in them.  Go ahead, enjoy those Oreos!


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