Saturday, January 26, 2013

PhotoTao Card #16 - Going Home...

Card #16

Going Home
Going home is returning to your nature.  
Return home.  Return to your source.
- Exercise -
We will take this translation quite literally. 
Return to a place with which you are very 
familiar...a place where you feel "at home".
Try to experience that place again with new eyes. 
 Stay still  and let the place speak to you.  You
may have to return to it over and over before 
you make a single picture.  Good photographers
listen to what the place has to say before they look 
into its soul.

    I grew up in central Massachusetts but I was born in upstate New York, a place I haven't returned to in over 50 years.  Part of my goal as a contemplative photographer this year is to explore the "near to hand" as well as the personally evocative landscape.  I will try to journey to the northern part of New York state to see the landscape of my early youth, this time through the eyes of a contemplative photographer. 

    This photograph was made on Inis Oirr in the Aran Islands.  The two little girls were hurrying home as a storm approached.  In the storms which plague our inner landscape, we often "head home" to a remembered security.  There we can often find a sanctuary for our soul.  Seek out your own evocative landscapes that speak of "home"...

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