Monday, March 24, 2014

Yearning for the Melting to Begin...

   This is the same pond from yesterday's post.  I so enjoyed watching these two mallards rushing across the ice to get to the open water, slipping and sliding on their way.  I could so relate to those two little guys!

   Winter simply won't leave us here in Maine and the ponds around my house are nowhere near this open.  Our poor ducks remain sheltered on the shore gazing with longing eyes at the potential of open water.  What dreams they must be dreaming!  I'm probably dreaming the same dreams...melt, melt darn it, melt!

   Sometimes in our lives we have to just "sit and wait".  Like last week when I came down with a nasty bug and spent days barely able to rise from my bed. (Thank goodness I had scheduled my posts ahead of time!)  Waiting for the melting to start, waiting to feel better, waiting for the time to pass until I leave for Ireland...we spend so much of our time waiting for something.  But most often, the focus of our waiting is out of our hands.  I can't make Spring hurry up any more that I could speed up the virus that just had to work its way through me in its own time.

   I think you can tell a lot about a person by how they deal with waiting.  Next time you are at the airport and a flight is delayed, just look around and see how various people cope with this enforced waiting...very enlightening!  As frustrating as flight delays are I try to see them as an opportunity to study my fellow man (and woman!)...always a worthwhile activity.  One man's obstacle is another man's opportunity!


kimmanleyort said...

This is a period of waiting for those of us who've experienced this winter. I hope you're feeling better. Illnesses have that similar quality of waiting.

Patricia Turner said...

Thank you Kim! I'm slowly recovering. It's been a process, like most things in life!