Saturday, March 15, 2014

Keep on Lookin'....More Sources for Inspiration

  An English teacher told me back in high school that if I wanted to write well I needed to read good writing.  That same concept applies to photography.  Keep looking at beautiful and inspiring images and you will absorb some of that inspiration.  It can only enhance your own picture making.

   One of my resources is Goto online gallery of accomplished photographers.  I was especially attracted to the work of Laurence Chellali, seen above...stunning.

   We may not always have high quality galleries showcasing photography near to hand but the internet offers us the ability to tour countless virtual galleries.  You can also visit my Pinterest board of Photographers I Admire.  Also on my Pinterest site are boards of inspiring photographs, in color and in black and white.  Pour yourself a cup of tea, sit back and prepare to be inspired!


foxysue said...

Thank you for the reminder, this post. I often forget to fill my inspiration well by taking in creative imagery from others..I looked up the work of Laurence Chellali, hauntingly beautiful...x

Patricia Turner said...

Always good to keep that inspiration well filled! I am always amazed at where an inspiration will pop back up, maybe even months later.