Tuesday, January 27, 2015


  I have been attempting to declutter my home lately.  I must admit to being one who likes to save things.  Things people give me, things I pick up along the way..."stuff".   But recently I have been blessing them and setting them free.  In the process I have found that it is opening up a whole new way of being for me and although I have a long way to go yet, I am enjoying this liberation from "thingfulness".

When I let go of what I
 am, I become what
 I can be.

- Lao Tzu

   I have found that having fewer "options" is really quite liberating, in the camera bag as well as the clothes closet.  I long ago dispensed with carrying multiple lenses and now I am considering a smaller, lighter camera.  The technology has advanced to such a degree that it is possible to make beautiful images without all the photographic paraphernalia that we use to lug around.  When you are burdened down with equipment then it is the equipment, and your relationship to it, that takes center stage.  Paring down is becoming more and more important to me as I journey along this path.  I want to immerse myself in simplicity in as many areas as possible in the year to come.

Look for the least to say the most.

   Some call it "minimalism" but you could call it the "uncluttered image".  Looking for the least to say the most is another way to declutter your photographic thinking.  I'll be looking at that as well this year.  Living, and photographing, in a "minimal" way isn't about about doing without, it is about doing within.  We have everything we need already inside us...all the rest is just accoutrement.  When you start tripping over them, it is time to let them go.


Sandra said...

I like this. I'm constantly working on decluttering in all areas of my life!

Patricia Turner said...

Me too! Sometimes I hang onto things out of habit; sometimes because I feel that letting something go is a kind of failure on my part but things come into our lives for just a brief time and it is OK to bless them and let them go.

Barb said...

This resonates with me, Patricia. I've aso been declutteeing my life. I bought a micro 4/3 camera a few months ago. I'm loving its compactness and light weight.

Patricia Turner said...

Thank you Barb! A smaller lighter camera is on my list as well. I think it will make things so much easier!