Monday, January 5, 2015

What Lights the Fire in Your Heart?

   I want to follow up on yesterday's post.  My word for this year is Immerse and I think it is synonymous with passion.  One has to have a true passion for something to immerse one's self totally in it.

   I am passionate about my books as well as my photography and Michael Green, the illustrator for the calendar of Celtic Blessings I received for Christmas, is a favorite of mine.  His book, The Illuminated Rumi is a favorite and I look at it regularly, not only to read Rumi's wisdom but to look at Michael's beautiful art work.

   Finding a passion that will ignite the heart is crucial to me.  At present, the pond and my families story are sharing heart space in me.  I will fully immerse myself in both for the foreseeable future. But at some point those two passions will reach their conclusion and I will need to find another.  I have no doubt I will because those who seek earnestly will find what they need.  It is due in part because, as Rumi says, What you seek is also seeking you.

   Open your hear to all possibilities and find your passion.  Joseph Campbell calls it "bliss" but whatever you call it or wherever you may find it, let it light a fire in your heart.  Let it be a resolve for 2015.  You will not be disappointed.

   If you would like to see more of Michael Green's work you can follow this link....



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