Thursday, June 26, 2014

Broken Wide Open...

   Awhile back I advised that we should keep our eyes open for the little contemplative gems all around us.  No need to venture far afield...they are right around us everyday.  This is one of my recent discoveries.

   A tulip in its last gasp, broken open and ready to shed its petals.  That was what caught my eye and that would have been enough but when I opened the file on my computer, I saw that little forsythia flower which seemed to be mirror of the tulips center color...all by itself at the end of the branch. The white tulip petal seemed to separate it visually from the rest.  It had burst out, escaped and was heading in a new direction.

   That is what we all must do from time to time especially when we find ourselves tightly closed and resistant to change.  We need to break ourselves wide open, shed the petals that once protected our vulnerability, and escape!

   Like the little forsythia blossom,  we must be willing to venture out of the security of conformity and get ourselves way out on the tip of the limb.  Every country girl knows that's where the best apples grow...that's where you will grow best as well.

   I love to find these little bits of wisdom close to hand.  It makes me feel that the Universe is participating in my souls evolution by presenting me with these contemplative tidbits.  The world is full of these metaphors for spiritual growth.  We just have to open our hearts and our minds and seek them out!

My final post on A Sacred Journey is up and you can read my last reflections here.


kimmanleyort said...

I just read all four posts on your pilgrimage and they really resonated with where I am in my life now. Love the quotes - so perfect. I can't wait to see where your pilgrimage takes you next.

Patricia Turner said...

Thank you Kim. Yes, it will be interesting to see where the road leads but I am sure that wherever it goes it will take me to where I need to be.