Monday, April 22, 2013

In Praise of Viriditas...

There is nothing in creation that
does not have some radiance - either
greenness or seeds or flowers or
beauty - otherwise it would not be
 part of creation.

- Hildegard of Bingen

   As I go in search of "remnants", leftovers in the landscape, I am always in awe of Nature's ability to absorb Man's constructions.  Slowly but surely, Nature begins its process of reclamation, obliterating, eventually, the hand of Man.

   On Inis Oirr, there is a place few people visit, tucked away on the back side of the island.  It is the site of a small Medieval monastic settlement, long gone.  It is a place of sheltering peace.  Here you can feel the immense sense of history but also the wonderful presence of ever enduring Nature.  I am reminded of the Mayan ruins in Mexico that lay hidden for centuries, obscured by the lush vegetation. 

   On the Burren, you can walk the limestone and marvel at the way Nature seeks to fill every void with the living.  Nature abhors empty places.  I'll never tire of exploring that area or photographing the "fertile rock".

   This greening of the earth is slowly starting in Maine, as it does every year. (Here in Kentucky it is in full bloom!) What has lain hidden, buried in white, now seeks the light and warmth of the sun.  On this day, when we celebrate the Earth and its greening power (Viriditas is the Latin word for "greenness"), let's hope Man comes to his senses and begins  a new and positive relationship with the natural world for the message is clear.  Man and all his vanities will ultimately succumb.  Nature will endure, one way or another.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so grateful to be reminded about silence and listening, whether when making photographs, or doing so many other things that use up time.
Safe trip!

Janet G.