Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Turning Another Corner...

   Spring, they say, is right around the corner although it is hard to imagine that sitting here as I am watching another 12+ inches of snow fall today!  Officially, it begins tomorrow and I know those of us here in Maine can't wait!   Enough is enough!

    When the season changes I feel as if we have turned another corner and there is something wonderful about "turning a corner".  I think that's why I often photograph the corners of buildings, like this church in Ballyvaughan, County Clare, Ireland. 

   This church had buttresses at the corner; an architectural detail that reinforces the building at a weak point.  Couldn't we all use this type of external support as we make changes (or turn corners) in our life?  Our friends and family are our buttresses.  They offer the support we need in our weak moments.

   What makes turning corners difficult is the fear of the unknown.  What lies in wait for us around the corner?  Will we step into the light or into darkness?  There is no way of knowing until you turn the corner but if we are to continue to grow we must keep turning the corners in life.  No mater how long we live, there will always be another corner to turn and that's what makes life so interesting!

   In the Celtic tradition the year is seen as a wheel that is constantly turning.  Time is not linear but circular.  I think one could also make the argument that it is square as well, each season a corner we must turn; each turn takes us in a new direction but unlike a true square, you never return to where you started...you are always one level higher.  

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