Thursday, October 11, 2012

PhotoTaoCard #4...

Card #4

Sharing with Others
Only that which is truly yours can be shared.  
Let your experience express itself in your being.

- Exercise -
Find some part of yourself that you feel passionate 
about and use that passion to direct your picture 
making.  If you love gardening, focus on plants or
spend time in beautifully landscape parks.  If cooking
is a passion for you, photograph at a farmer's market
or in your own vegetable garden.

   Another way to approach this is to photograph people doing what they love to do.  Ask permission to photograph someone while they work at their craft.  I did this in my First Person Rural project and it was a wonderful experience.  I also love to seek out people when I travel and photograph them at  their daily chores.  The everyday, the commonplace makes for wonderfully revealing images.  The photograph on the left was made in the Hebrides at a sheep shearing that I stumbled upon one day.  I have always been in love with "hands" and this photograph is one of my favorites. 

   In many respects, this blog is my way of sharing what I love, contemplative photography, with all of you.  After 30+ years as a teacher, I find it is a way for me to continue that side of myself, the teacher, while exploring the other, the contemplative photographer...the best of both worlds!


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