Thursday, October 25, 2012

PhotoTao Card #6

Card #6

Opinions and Prejudices
 The wise see things clearly.  They  don't
hold opinions nor do they blame.
- Exercise -
If you dislike blurry, out of focus images, try 
making some.  If dark, under exposed pictures
make you crazy, explore the possibilities.  
You can learn much by experimenting with
things you think you dislike.

Into the Light
A Thin White Line Separates Us
   I have to admit to a prejudice...I'm not particularly enamored with heavily "photoshoped" images.   I was, I should say, until I went to the Annaberg Sugar mill on St. John this past March.  My encounter with the place - detailed in the post The Annaberg Encounter  - made me seek out a new approach to my black and white work. I found that a combination of solarized and infra-red processing gave me the effect that most suited my feelings that day.  I think it is interesting to note that both processes are somewhat "traditional" least I remember experimenting with them back in the mid-70's in my "pre-digital" life.  I think the point of this card is to remind you that in contemplative photography the important consideration is making an image that enhances the possibility for meaningful reflection.  The strange effects created in the digital darkroom can bring out ideas that a more traditional approach would not.  The image above right is a perfect example.  When I saw the results of my manipulation of the image, the white line became apparent.  It fueled a lot of new impressions and enriched my reflections far beyond what the unmanipulated image had.  So, don't be afraid to experiment, remember, you aren't making postcards!


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