Sunday, January 18, 2015

Photography as a Way of Life...

To take a photograph is to align the head,
 the eye and the heart. It's a way of life.
  ~Henri Cartier-Bresson 

   Photography as an art, as a passion, as a hobby, yes, we can all relate to that but to see photography as a way of life is a whole different thing.

   It wasn't until I started my daily photojournal that I began to understand Cartier-Bresson's statement that, indeed, photography can be a way of life, inextricably linked to your daily routine.  As natural and necessary as brushing your teeth.  Not to have my camera with me would feel unnatural and unbalanced.

 The camera is an instrument that teaches
 people how to see without a camera.

~ Dorothea Lange

    Even if I am not actually carrying a camera, I am still looking through a virtual lens.  I think that after all these years I have, in some respects, become my camera.  It is simply how I live these days so I guess I could say that photography, either real or virtual, is my way of life.  Maybe that is the ultimate goal, to see and relate to the world as a kaleidoscope of beautiful images...all worthy of our attention...each with its own message and meaning for us.


Anonymous said...

I have realize this past year that I look at life out there thru my own lens. Seeing the beauty in what has caught my eye. I don't always carry my camera but I'm looking as if I am taking a picture.
I love the image here, the reflection, the line and textures in the ice. Wonderful!

Patricia Turner said...

Thank you so much! I seem to be taking fewer and fewer photographs with my camera and more and more with my heart.