Thursday, January 30, 2014

A "Vade Mecum" Update....

   One of the advantages of being snow/ice bound is I have plenty of time to work on my handmade books.  Of course, my Vade Mecum ("Goes With Me") was top on my list.

   This is the title page and  you can see just how small it is...a true "handbook".  It has sewn in pages and a hard cover so it should hold up well.

   I made a grey felt carrying case to hold the book and to protect it on my travels.  Pilgrims in the Medieval days tied their vade mecums to the belt which also held their scrip...a little pouch to hold basic necessities.  My scrip is a small leather backpack in which I carry my journal and sketchbook, the contemplative photographers necessities. It has a pocket that is just the right size to hold the vade mecum.  (You can visit my Pinterest board to see some other possible "necessities"  for the contemplative photographer.)

   I added some of my photographs from Cocomroe Abbey made during my 2009 trip to the Burren.  I've also added the quotations many of you sent for me to include.  You can still send me an inspiration if you'd like, I have lots of pages to fill.  Send them via the comment option or simply email me...I would love to take along your thoughts!

   I plan to leave some pages blank so I can add things I come across on my journey.  The little pouch can also hold mementos as well.  Thank you to all who took the time to send your words...they are now safely inscribed in my little vade mecum!

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