Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Contemplating Public Art...

   I have always been drawn to photographing sculptures in the landscape...old cemeteries being a favorite haunt of mine (pardon the pun!).  This is a public sculpture at the University of New England in Portland, Maine.  They had several pieces surrounding the building but I was drawn to this one especially.

   I think it is because I'm working on a book project, "Conversations with my Mother", using old photographs that I'm scanning and altering.  I believe that what occupies your mind directs your lens.  It seems so for me anyway.

   What we see depends on
what we look for.
- John Lubbock

...and what we look for is what is in our hearts at that moment.  There is a direct line of communication between the heart and the often by-passes the head altogether.  That is why we are sometimes puzzled by what we see on our memory card when we return home.  Our head wants to know why we made that image, the heart already knows.

   I've also begun to use these photographs of sculptures in my digital collages.  This is one that I used in the last post on A Sacred Journey, a wonderful site that hosted four posts from my Threshold Pilgrimage in June.  Digital collage is something I want to pursue during the months to come.  It is a whole new area for me but it seems perfect for the contemplative photographer.

   You might like to take advantage of the summer sunshine and explore public art installations.  Here is a link to some possibilities but I'm sure you will have no problem finding some near to your home...there is always an old cemetery just waiting for you to explore!

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