Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Metaphors - Determination

  I came across this tree on my recent visit to Pembroke, Maine.  The large paper birch tree had, at one time, grown on the edge of the woods.  Perhaps a severe winter storm had eroded the shoreline and the tree had toppled over.  But that didn't seem to discourage this brave fellow!  It's roots still anchored, albeit tenuously, to the ground it continued to grow..right over a large rock.  It refused to accept its new and unfortunate condition and it eventually turned itself upright again.

   I must admit that this tiny shoreline drama was very inspiring to me.  It provided a metaphor for simple determination.  No matter what circumstance we find ourselves in we must never give up.  We must continually reach for the light...where there is life there is the potential for growth and change.

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