Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On Location - Mont St. Michel

Well, I finally made it!   Mont St. Michel is beyond description.  Although it rained off and on the entire time we were there, there were still moments when I could capture some images although I fear they can not match the reality of the experience.

I could just imagine how the pilgrims of 500 years ago  must have felt as they first saw Mont St. Michel rise out of the water like a mirage.  It gave me the chills!

We saw contemporary pilgrims trudging across the tidal flats and I was in awe of the dedication of these hardy souls.  The climb to the Abbey was arduous and on the slippery smooth stones a bit dangerous but I made it and I felt that my personal pilgrimage was completed.

In my books on pilgrimage, the authors talked about leaving small  tokens at especially memorable sites.  I gathered small pieces of mica from around my home in Maine to take to France as my personal tokens. They look like tiny mirrors when the light hits it and I've been placing them at all the sites I've visited.  My friend photographed me placing one at St. Michel and I love the way it catches the light through the leaded glass.

This final photograph is of the tidal flats and the curving "road" out to sea.  It was a very powerful image for me, one of my favorites from this trip.  You can see the storm retreating to the right and the sun light breaking through.  I'll let you muse on this  metaphor for yourself.

The next time I post I will be back in the states and I will have lots of photographs to wade through, reflect upon and share with you.

Trips always take on a life of themselves and, if you are wise, you will follow wherever it leads...you are bound to end up someplace wonderful!

Au Revoir mon amies!

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